Screed Products

We offer a complete range of screeding solutions, depending on your specific requirements.

Anhydrite Screed

Anhydrite screeds offer several advantages over sand and cement screeds, including their relatively low cost. These pumpable screeds are self-leveling and offer minimal shrinkage, making them extremely suitable for use with under-floor heating.

Cementitious Screed

Cement based screed products dry almost twice as fast as anhydrite screeds in similar conditions, at around 2mm per day. For a typical installation, this means the drying time can be as little as 14 days, with foot traffic within as little as 24 hours.

Faster Drying Screed

When speed is critical to your flooring project, choose a specialist faster drying screed. These specially formulated products help speed up the drying process, which significantly reduces the time impact on the rest of the project.

Our process…

Unlike many sand/cement screeds, our products paired with specialist pumping equipment can supply up to an incredible 2000 square meters of level floor surface in just a single day. Combine this with our faster drying screeds, and your entire project could be dry and ready within days – rather than weeks.

And because all of our products are self-leveling, this means you can spend less time worrying about the quality your floor, and instead quickly move on to what you’re going to put on top of it.