Anhydrite screeds offer several advantages over sand and cement screeds, including their relatively low cost.

These pumpable calcium sulphate based screeds are self-leveling, self-curing, and offer minimal shrinkage when compared to standard cement screeds. This makes them extremely suitable for use with under-floor heating and larger tiles, that can be prone to cracking should voids appear due to shrinkage.

Super Slim

Anhydrite screeds can be applied at depths as thin as 35mm, or 45mm with underfloor heating pipes installed. This is particularly great for saving on material costs, or where the finished floor level is particularly challenging.

Minimal Shrinkage

Anhydrite is much less prone to shrinkage than cement, which means it needs far fewer expansion joints. This is particularly important if you plan to lay large tiles, as these can sometimes be more vulnerable to cracking.

UFH Compatible

All liquid screeds are particularly suited to underfloor heating systems due to the way the liquid fully envelopes the pipes, thereby eliminating air spaces in the floor. This enhances heat transfer, particularly when the screed had minimal depth.

We’ve got it


Our top-of-the-range screed equipment allows us to cover up to 2000 square metres of floor area per day – several times faster than standard methods.

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As a family-run business, we’ve been ensuring properties are properly and carefully maintained since we established in 1970. We take our work seriously; providing our many hundreds of customers with top-quality service, each and every time.

We understand that taking the decision to let someone work on your home or business is not one taken lightly. As approved Weber flooring specialists, our team must attend several courses to gain accreditation, with their workmanship inspected and verified by these organisations periodically.

As you would expect, we’re fully insured and also offer a full satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

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